In addition to offering quality exterior services for your custom bus and motor coach needs, we offer top-notch quality Interior services as well. Some types of vehicles we have done Interior work for include Evidence Collection Vehicles, Emergency Response Vehicles, Mobile Command Centers, Natural Disaster Response Units, Prisoner Transport Units, Storage Trailers, Fiber Optic Trailers, Municipal Utility Trailers, Mobile Crime Scene Labs, and much more.

We look forward to helping design and craft the Interior for all your vehicle needs. Some of the images on this page show details of some of our interior designs, including red leather interior, kitchen laminate, grey leather interior, front lounge interior, and cream leather interior.

Our services can turn any motor coach, bus, or other transportation vehicle into a beautiful and functional unit fit for all your needs. We do everything from designing living spaces to designing sleek command centers and creating functional mobile units for all sorts of response teams including: emergency responders, crime scene units, law enforcement units, and natural disaster response units. We take pride in offering quality services for a vast selection of commercial and residential needs.

Please contact us with all your Interior motor coach and bus needs. We look forward to creating a unique and functional design for your every need. Our interior and exterior services will help create the perfect blend of function and style for all our unique clients.

If you are in the Atlanta area, make sure to keep Atlanta Custom Coach in mind for all your transportation solution needs. We are always happy to affordably design the vehicle that will fit all your specific needs.